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 2009-09-27 Pella Window Factory Criterium, West Chicago, IL
 2009-09-20 Kenosha Criterium
 2009-09-12 Illinois State Road Race Championship Willow Springs, IL
 2009-08-22 Garden Prairie, Illinois
 2009-08-16 Downers Grove 8/15&16
 2009-08-09 MATTS/ROTY Double Bong 40K Time Trial , Kansasville, WI
 2009-08-08 Grayslake Cycling Classic at Prairie Crossing
 2009-08-02 Tour Of Elk Grove Village 8/2
 2009-08-01 Tour Of Elk Grove Village
 2009-08-01 BRYCE MASTER 20K Individual Harvard, IL
 2009-07-26 Chicago Criterium
 2009-07-19 Annual Cordova 40K TT
 2009-07-12 Wolfgang Freitag Memorial Two Person 50K Team Time Trial, Herscher, IL
 2009-07-11 Super week 7/1109-7/20/09
 2009-07-04 Whitewater Road Race
 2009-07-02 Northbrook Velodrome
 2009-07-01 ABR Illinois Criterium Championship Wood Dale Criterium,
 2009-07-01 Masters Road National Championships
 2009-06-26 Downer Cla s s i c Milwaukke
 2009-06-25 Northbrook Velodrome
 2009-06-22 Fox River Grove Cycling
 2009-06-18 Northbrook Velodrome
 2009-06-14 MATTS/ROTY Harvard 33.3km Time Trial
 2009-06-07 ABR National Criterium Championship Winfield
 2009-06-06 Winfield Twilight Criterium
 2009-06-01 Wonder Lake Lakeside Criterium
 2009-05-25 Wood Dale
 2009-05-24 Wood Dale
 2009-05-17 MATTS/ROTY DICE Barstow 20K TT, Barstow
 2009-05-09 MATTS/ROTY ABD Two Person 40k Team Time Trial, Garden Prairie
 2009-05-03 TOI/W ROTY Kenosha Business Park Criterium
 2009-05-03 Vernon Hills Grand Prix
 2009-05-02 Village at Winona Road Race Indiana.
 2009-05-02 MATTS/ROTY John Fraser Memorial TT, Maple Park, IL
 2009-04-25 TOI/W ROTY Leland Kermesse Road Race, Leland, IL Team Flatlandia
 2009-04-19 MATTS/ROTY Cherry Valley Time Trial,
 2009-03-22 TOI/W ROTY Kenosha Velosport Spring Criterium Series
 2009-03-15 TOI/W ROTY Kenosha Velosport Spring Criterium Series
 2009-03-14 ABD Indoor Time Trial Series: Race #4 - Saturday,
 2009-02-22 ABD Indoor Time Trial Series: Race #3 -
 2009-02-01 ABD Indoor Time Trial Series: Race #2 -
 2009-01-11 ABD Indoor Time Trial Series: Race #1
2009-06-18 - Northbrook Velodrome

Krystian Pac 4’s 5th Chariot, 3rd Points race

Tim Elebaut 3’s 7th Devils scratch, 2nd Keirin
40’s 8th Scratch

Cory Hickman 3’s 8th Devil scratch, 4th Keirin,
1/2/3’s 6th Points race

Jim Host 1/2’s 14th Devils scratch

Adam Lesniakowski 1/2’s 4th Devil’s scratch, 6th Keirin, 5th Points race

Ansgar Graw 1/2’s 8th Devil’s scratch
40’s 11th Scratch

Dan Verner 1/2’s 11th Devil’s scratch, 7th Keirin, 3rd Points race
40+ 1st Scratch